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What is Wealth Management?

Wealth management is about more than just choosing stocks and bonds. It requires developing a customized plan that meets your unique needs and goals. Wealth managers start by getting a clear idea of their clients’ core values and financial milestones.

From there, Seth Maniscalco and his team of experts, can combine a variety of financial products and services to provide exhaustive solutions. Yes, they’ll focus on maximizing profits through timely market moves and well planed executions. They’ll also do so much more.

Seth Maniscalso removes all the complexities of modern financial planning, freeing up time for clients to endeavor their dreams.

Who Benefits From Wealth Management?

Wealth managers work primarily or exclusively with high-net-worth clients. If you have a high net worth, you’ve likely already noticed that your needs exceed the solutions provided by conventional financial advisors.

Your complex investment portfolio and tax situation require extra care if you want them to grow into a steady income source or provide a legacy. Wealth managers can leverage a much wider range of financial services and assets. They aid High Net Worth investors to meet specific goals and develop investment strategies that work the best.

Here are just a few of the services our wealth management supports:

  • Investment management
  • Advice on new markets or financial products
  • Help with planning your legacy
  • Tax preparation and accounting services
  • Development of charitable giving plans
  • Capitalizing forex markets
  • Optimizing futures

Wealth coaching for HNW investors wanting a more hands-on approach

And much, much more

The bottom line for high-net-worth individuals, they can’t afford to place their assets in just anyone’s hands. They need to work with a wealth manager that can create and execute a custom plan tailored to their needs and values. Moreover, just the beginning for HNW investors who partner with the modern wealth investor, Seth Maniscalco.



Seth Maniscalco is a financial investment and modern wealth manager with over 20+ years of hands-on experience in all of the financial markets. His professional experience ranges from technology investing, to foreign exchange currency markets, to futures commodities markets, to owning and managing a small hedge fund. His training and professional experience have allowed Seth to learn and hone the skills necessary to leverage money to make more money. Now, he takes that same can-do attitude and extensive training to bat for his clients at Modern Wealth Management, LP.

As owner and manager of Modern Wealth Management, LP, Seth assists clients with their short- and long-term investments. He takes a hands-on approach to manage hedge fund limited partnerships and collaborates with other money managers to offer a higher level of service and results.

"High Net Worth investors can’t discover everything they need to know about developing an investment strategy without doing a good amount of research first. That's where my expert account management skills come into play. I understand how modern markets work and guide my elite clients to creating a personalized and diversified portfolio."

- Seth Maniscalco

Modern financial markets are complex, volatile, and sometimes unpredictable. Developing a diversified portfolio and a successful investment strategy has never been more difficult; however, High Net Worth investors don’t have to go it alone. With the help of Seth Maniscalco and his services, you get a seasoned professional on your team to help you reach your financial goals.


Unfriend your excuses





Financial markets are always changing, and high-net-worth investors rarely have the time and expertise to keep up. Most often because their focus is on leading their business empires and maximizing results for others in their own zone of genius.

Seth Maniscalco and his teams will take a proactive approach to helping manage your assets, whether they are in the form of cryptos, futures, stocks, or the forex financial markets.

"Highly recommended!! Seth has the schooling, 20+years experience and knowledge of trading that makes his clients money.. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with crypto currency trading!!!"

- Kevin Deniz

Wealth Management vs. Asset Management

Wealth managers provide asset management as part of their services. In this context, assets typically refer to stocks, bonds, futures, cash, or real estate. However, they also go above and beyond the basics by helping investors with every aspect of managing their wealth, including handling the financial side of their business.

While financial advisors are a commodity service available to just about any investor willing to pay a nominal fee, wealth management is different. Our services are reserved only for elite clients or, more specifically, those who are accredited and have high-net-worth. Most modern wealth managers only work with clients who have at least $100,000 or more of capital to put down as an initial investment.

How Wealth Managers Earn Their Income

Wondering how investors pay for this elite service? The industry standard is to make it easy. They charge a 2% AUM fee and a modest profit share of 30% to 50% for all the assets under their management. This fee schedule incentivizes both parties to make the most of the starting capital without leaving any incentives to nickel and dime an investor’s account.  There is no billing for time but an incentive to deliver results

While it’s true that hiring and working with a wealth manager is more expensive than working with a financial planner, it’s worth the cost. Financial planners are regulated to give specific answers and they usually have zero experience actually investing in any market first hand.  It takes money to make money, and you deserve to be treated as the valuable client you are via Return On Investment (ROI). When you work with Seth Maniscalco and his team of professional wealth managers, your portfolio is their top priority.

Keep Up With Changing Times

If your current financial plan involves investing in nothing more than stocks and bonds, you should be concerned. Modern times need modern solutions, and that means branching out into different markets. Diversifying your portfolio requires considering other solutions like Forex trading, crypto investing, and managed futures.

The problem is, each of these financial markets is different. Strategies like conventional growth investing and dollar-cost averaging may not apply. In volatile markets, failing to get ahead of trends and develop an appropriate strategy can be extremely costly. If you have a lot to lose, it’s always better to have an dedicated, expert wealth manager on your team.

Hedge Fund Futures Investing

Funds, in general, allow investors to employ an array of strategies to earn active returns. Unfortunately, traditional hedge funds are prone to diminishing returns. Trading hedge fund futures can help investors overcome this all-too-common problem while keeping your funds liquid.  This is one of the four pillars of building TRUE WEALTH that the average joe doesn’t know about.

Trading the futures market and commodities is a complicated process, but it can provide high returns. If you want to get in on this thoroughly modern investment class, you’ll need the help of an institutional buyer. Only registered commodity trading advisors (CTAs) can help you manage your futures.

Here are just a few of the benefits of trusting a CTA who assists high-net-worth clients invest in hedge fund futures trading:

Hedge fund futures have no directional bias, which means you can still profit from your investment whether the hedge fund’s value increases or decreases.

They’re also non-correlational to other asset classes, which means hedge fund futures are a great way to diversify your portfolio to manage financial risks in difficult markets.

Futures investments are diversified; therefore, not limited exclusively to hedge funds.

Since hedge fund futures are deeply liquid, you won’t have to worry about capitalizing on your investment.

Hedge fund futures are also an excellent way to gain financial leverage.

Experts believe that the managed futures industry will continue to grow over the coming years and decades.

Hedge fund futures trading offers an excellent opportunity to diversify your portfolio to generate extra income. These types of investments pair well with traditional ones like stocks, bonds, crypto or forex. Find an advisor or wealth management expert like Seth to evaluate your investment portfolio to see if you can benefit from adding some hedge fund futures.

Hedge fund futures markets are only open to qualified investors. If you have limited funds available to create or diversify a portfolio, working with a CTA may not be the right approach.

However, if you have a net worth of $250,000 or more, you should absolutely consider the futures market, or consulting session with Seth Maniscalco, the modern wealth investor as well as for these two valid reasons:

Reason #1: The purpose of restricting this market to qualified buyers is simple. It protects the market by ensuring that only investors who can handle the risks associated with hedge fund futures trading can access it. You’ll be able to apply leverage for potentially dramatic wealth building, and the market will move forward even if some investors employ risky strategies and lose out.

Reason #2: Trading futures shouldn’t be the only asset class in your portfolio. The market can be volatile, and the amount of leverage applied doesn’t just increase potential profit margins. It also increases risk. You should only invest in hedge fund futures if you’re willing to take on that risk and have the assets to cover your losses.

Professional Account Management Services

We provide many services and flexible investment strategies to maximize your portfolio.

Managed investment accounts are owned and managed investment accounts by the investor, albeit managed by a professional financial manager. High-net-worth clients generally give discretionary authority over the account, so that we can make informed investment decisions that enhance financial goals, risk levels, and assets.

Your account will contain a combination of financial assets and cash. Your account manager will start by establishing your objectives, timeline for wealth generation, and risk tolerance. We can then use that knowledge to develop a custom investment plan to ensure your investment strategy stays on track.

With professional account management, High Net Worth investors get all the tools and information they need to develop their own investment strategies. Find answers to your questions today, get up-to-date with current market trends, and learn what it takes to become work with a master of modern markets, Seth Maniscalco.

As managed accounts grow in value, account managers will submit regular reports on your behalf. Clients always know exactly what’s happening with their cash and assets.

Are you interested in working with Seth Maniscalco all you have to do is fill out an application. If you’re eligible, Seth or one of his associates will contact you within 72 hours about how to proceed with a variety of the best wealth management services and professional investment strategies customized to your needs.

"Most fail at investing because they follow their emotions"

Seth Maniscalco: Investment Strategies

Succeeding as a modern investor requires careful planning and a commitment to effective investment strategies. It also requires constant research to find new opportunities long before they’re announced on your local news channel. 

Instead, it would help if you came up with a plan that accounts for your goals, timeline and then stick with it. The modern investor, Seth Maniscalco guides and works closely with High Net Worth investors 1 on 1 to develop investment strategies that reflect their progressive needs.

What Are the Five Primary Types of Investment Strategies?

Every investor has a different plan for managing his or her assets. That said, most successful strategies fall into five broad categories. They include:

Value investing generally applies to the stock market, but parts of this investment strategy can also be applied to forex, hedge fund futures, and other modern asset classes.  It requires finding assets that are currently underpriced, then holding them until the price rises. You’ll need to do a lot of research and wait patiently for a few years until your value investment pays off.

Income investing is a strategy that involves purchasing assets that pay out returns. Hedge funds are just one example of income-generating assets. Bonds, dividend-paying stocks, real estate investment trusts, and exchange-traded funds can all generate income as well.

Income investing is a low-risk strategy, but it offers only moderate return potential.

Growth investing involves seeking out assets that are already exhibiting signs of above-average financial growth. Since you’ll be purchasing comparatively expensive assets, at least in terms of price-to-earnings ratios, this strategy can be risky.

Combining a growth investing strategy with other wealth management approaches can act as a hedge against excess financial risk.

If you’re comfortable with taking on a good deal of risk, small-cap investing may be a good solution for you. It’s generally applied to the stock market, where traders seek out small companies with a relatively small market capitalization going largely unnoticed. If these small players wind up succeeding, you’ll reap a good profit.

You can also apply small-cap investing strategies to other asset classes. However, most institutional investors, such as mutual fund managers, avoid small-cap investing. You’ll need a personal wealth manager or account manager who can trade in hedge fund futures and other asset classes to implement this strategy.

Socially responsible investing is a relative newcomer in terms of investment strategies. It involves focusing your portfolio on environmentally friendly or socially responsible companies. You’ll need to combine investments into these companies with more traditional securities or assets. 

You won’t learn everything you need to know about developing an investment strategy without doing a good amount of research first. That’s where wealth coaches come in. They help you understand different asset classes and modern markets so that you can create a personalized, diversified portfolio.

"I’ve been working with Seth for the past 6 months, and his understanding of the markets, attention to detail, and thorough recommendations set him apart. Been nothing but a pleasure to deal with"

- Iain Nafe

Contact Seth for Elite Wealth Management Services

Wealth management is an elite service that is only available to high-net-worth individuals. If you want to contract with Modern Wealth Management, LP’s most comprehensive services, you’ll need to start by filling out an application. Eligible clients will hear back from Seth or one of his esteemed partners within 48 hours or less.

If you’re not a high-net-worth investor, don’t worry. Modern Wealth Management, LP, still offers a range of services that might fit your needs. Up-and-coming investors can benefit substantially from online wealth management guidance or two-day intensive strategy development services with Seth Maniscalco, today’s modern investor.



I didn’t find success in modern financial markets by taking a middle-ground approach. I pulled myself up on my bootstraps, employing diverse strategies to build my own wealth and become a serious industry player. Now, I’ve started Modern Wealth Management, LLP, to offer you the same service and dedication level. My team of expert financial coaches and wealth managers can help you dominate the markets and protect your legacy.